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Registration Form 2021 Season

Please note that if you do not complete the online registration process, you will be unable to sign your child(ren) up for swim meets and other swim team events.

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10-year towel

If this is your swimmer's 10th year swimming for the Dolphins, please fill in the swimmer's name. We will be in touch!

Swimmer Information

Please provide any information you wish to share about each swimmer that would be helpful to the coaches. (Optional)

Championship Balloon Delivery Address?

Please verify that the address you provide is where you would like your child's championship balloon delivered. (Only applicable if your child will participate in the championship meet.)

Volunteer Requirement

Each family must provide one adult worker for every home meet in which they have a participating swimmer. **Please note that volunteers are required to complete their full shift even if their swimmer has finished swimming all of their events.**

The following volunteer positions are available once per season per family: Food Prep, Set Up, and Clean Up.

Special volunteer arrangements may be made for extenuating circumstances (with approval by Oakwood Dolphins Parent Board  only).

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Donation for New Meet Equipment (optional)

This year we are thrilled to announce that we have a new start system and new PA system! We also hope to raise funds to purchase an electronic timing system for future seasons. Can you help us? If you would like to make an additional, optional donation of $5.00 to help offset these expenses, please check below.